Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick in Spotlight 612 and Nude 333

As I've come to expect from Dior, they recently revamped (I swear they re-release/ revamp shades and products more than any other brand) their Addict Ultra-Shine lipstick line. The lipstick now costs a few dollars more ($28), the packaging seems to be heavier and thicker and now features a silver band on the outside of the cap. A whopping 44 (!) shades are now available, including some extra ones exclusive to stores like Sephora and Nordstrom. The array of shades at Sephora was dizzying. 

I went home with two of the most wearable shades: Spotlight 612 (a brownish mauve plum with silver glitter; The Lipstick Formerly Known As Chestnut Chic) and Nude 333 (creamy peach nude, which may be a repackaged Nude Silhouette from the old line. I'll have to compare sometime to be sure). I really wanted Tokyo (a soft peachy pink), but it was sold out (and the tester was worn down!), and I tried on Garçonne (a very warm rose shade with green microglitter in it) but was not too happy with it- it looked orangey on me. Urban (a sheer pale pink that resembles NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss, only with an added bit of shimmer) caught my eye since it looked exactly like the über pale lip Jennifer Lopez has been sporting lately on "American Idol", but I came to find out it was sold out at multiple Sephoras in NYC. My all-time favorite shade of Addict Ultra-Shines was Beige-a-Porter, a shimmery dark mauvey rose pink, and I'm so sad to see there isn't a replacement for it! And what about a replacement for the gorgeous Addict Ultra-Shine shade of Model Brown? I've been looking and haven't found one.

The shades in this line seem to run on the cool side- not the best for me. I played around with some of the brighter pinks, but in all honesty they all seemed to blend into one another, and they just weren't unique enough shades to warrant the price tag (you could buy two MAC lipsticks for almost the price of one of these). 

                                       Spotlight 612:

                                          Nude 333:

          Swatches (Nude on the left and Spotlight on the right):

When I first saw Nude in the tester, I thought it looked a lot like MAC Freckletone, one of my faves. I held them side by side and even did a comparison swatch, only to find out Nude 333 is pinker. When side by side, Nude appears to be a peachy-pink nude:

The Dior Addict formula is wonderful; light, creamy, and moisturizing. Shades with any microglitter (like Spotlight) can feel the tiniest bit gritty sometimes. I hate sound like a crabby bitch, but my only gripe is that Dior didn't seem to change their formula at all...this seems like exactly the same old Addict lipstick I loved (with a wider range of shades, minus some shades I -and many people- loved), albeit repackaged in somewhat chunkier tubes, with Kate Moss as the spokesmodel and going for about $4 more. Seriously, I thought they'd at least add some SPF or something to help warrant the higher price! So I'm a bit on the fence about these, and hesitant to open up my wallet for any more of them, even though they are terrific lipsticks.

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