Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina Swatches

"Urban Ballerina" is Sephora by OPI's newest collection for Spring 2011. I picked up the Urban Ballerinas mini set to try out, which consists of four tiny (and they are tiny! They were pretty hard to hold onto in photographs) bottles: Leotard Optional, The Way Tutu His Heart, Who's Spinning Tonight?, and Break A Leg-Warmer! 
I usually love Sephora by OPI polishes, but the formula on these were a bit of a let down (is it because they're minis? This is my first time buying minis). Thin, watery, and two were streaky.

Leotard Optional is an opaque, very pretty neutral cafe latte creme. The formula was pretty good on this one, albeit a little thick and somewhat streaky (I used three coats for this picture). It looks warmer in the bottle than it did on my hands, where it seemed to magically become pinker. This reminds me a bit of OPI's Kreme de la Kremlin, but not as rosy. It's a nice, work appropriate neutral:

The Way Tutu His Heart is a very pale semi-opaque whitish pink. So many people are always after the nail polish color Giada de Laurentiis often wears; a creamy pinky white that looks like really clean nails (it's been said that OPI Bubble Bath is it, but BB didn't look anything like it at all on me). When I saw this in the bottle, I thought it just might be that color on me. While this is a very pretty version of that shade, the formula is difficult: streaky as hell! I needed three coats. Opaque pale pinks are pretty much always hard to work with, however, so I just may suck it up and end up buying the full size (I'd also like to compare the formula of a mini to the full size version's, just to see if there is any difference). Especially since most opaque pale white pinks are too pastel. This one looks natural in comparison to those:

Who's Spinning Tonight? is a warm purple with magenta and blue sparkles. Really cool, but....again, the formula was just "eh": extremely thin and watery on the first coat, better on the second but streaky, and the third covered up all previous sins:

Break A Leg-Warmer! is a grey creme with strong blue undertones. Not my favorite on myself, but still a very cool shade. The first coat was very watery and thin. The second coat went on evenly, however, so I only had to use two coats:

There are two other shades that are part of the Urban Ballerina collection which are not included in this set: Shiny Dancer (a metallic slate grey), and Let's Plie (a metallic beige- which I really want to try since I love shimmery nudes).

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