Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nails Inc. Special Effects Overglaze Polish in The Wyndham Collection

"Ooh, it looks like a peacock!" 
"Wow. That is really cool...."
"Looks like lime confetti. That's really, really interesting."

Just a few of the compliments I received for Nails Inc. Special Effects Overglaze polish in The Wyndham Collection. I saw this online and just knew I had to get it. Because A) I love all things teal. Teal is second only to purple for me. Blackened teal? Even better. And B) simply put, the clear flaky special effects topcoat is cool, and I really wanted something different for my nails lately. (I've spent the past week in Misa Fashionista, and I was craving something more daring).

So I'm in Sephora with the boyfriend, and I picked this up to purchase because it really was love at first sight. He glanced at it and said, "Wow... that is really cool." (Yes, he is that well-trained. Can you believe it? ;). Here's how Special Effects works: you get two nail polishes in this set, Teal Black Kensington polish and The Wyndham overglaze top coat. Teal Black Kensington is an opaque, slightly jelly-ish (on the first coat) creme. You apply two coats and follow with The Wyndham, which is a clear topcoat/ glaze with handcut, irregular holographic particles that reflect an iridescent green. The end reult is equal parts dazzling and cool. This is my first time trying Nails Inc. polish, and if all of them are as good as Teal Black, I'm in serious trouble. This formula practically applies itself.

Check out Teal Black all on its own below. *Note: I aplogize in advance for the greasy looking hands in these pics. My hands were pretty dry, and the only thing I had lying around was Kiehl's Creme de Corps.

And... drumroll please... here it is with two coats of Special Effects topcoat, in various lighting:

Gorgeous, right?! The Wyndham can look blue-green in certain lights (mainly low), but its holographic effect is predominantly green. You can get by with only one coat, but two really is twice as nice. Once again, I had zero problems with application. I like this set so much, I'm now lusting after The Old Vic Collection!

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