Friday, January 18, 2013

Laura Mercier Book of Nudes Swatches, Review and Randomness

It's been forever since I've updated this blog, and although so few people follow it, I like sharing my life with people. Without turning into some sort of public service announcement, please, please, please... don't text and drive. A family member of mine was hit and seriously injured a few months ago and the road to recovery has been a mess. However, I realize this is a beauty blog, and no one wants to hear anything depressing! I popped back into beauty stuff just a bit ago, feeling totally out of it... I feel like I'm playing catch up after reading about all the new products out there like magnetic nail polish and all the holiday sets.

One of the products I purchased lately was Laura Mercier's "Book of Nudes" palette. I freely admit to having a bit of a grudge against Ms. Mercier after an article I read in the New York Times a few years ago, where she was one of a group of French women who basically trashed American women as a whole, saying we all wear too much makeup, are trying to hard to be "visible to attract men", and stereotyped Americans as overdone, glittering Paris Hilton clones. I found it especially hypocritical when I got to the part about Madonna (one of Mercier's longtime clients) is *ahem* forgiven for wearing so much makeup because she is a businesswoman. And Jennier Lopez doesn't count, either, because "she is Hispanic and therefore culturally more exotic". I'm sorry, but... WHATEVER! Not even Catherine Deneuve (who I think is one of the most stunning creatures, ever) was spared. She was bashed for becoming a sort of Dorian Gray character; obsessed with youth, just because she said she loves wearing makeup even when she gardens. To me, that isn't a woman "hooked on youth"; it's just a glamorous, fabulous woman. and just what's wrong with that? But again... whatever! I'm so, so glad makeup artists like Francois Nars and the late (great) Kevyn Aucoin never cared to follow rules about what people should wear, became famous.

Anyway. Onto the review. The Book of Nudes is a palette featuring eight (count 'em, eight!) eyeshadows, one cake eyeliner, a cream bronzer, a cream blush, a cream highlighter, and everything is housed in a really cool, silvery grey faux snakeskin case:

The eyeshadows inside are buff, a matte ivory; Tiger's Eye, a gold-flecked brown; Sandstones, a pale shimmery peachy pink shade; Bamboo, a soft shimmery taupey golden brown; Baroque, a shade that's described as "warm terracotta", but is more of a fleshy brown with golden shimmer on my skin; Fresco, a mauve nude brown; Granite, a matte grey; and Cocoa Brown, a delicious softly shimmered chocolate. Ground Espresso cake eyeliner is a soft black. The consistency of the shadows varies. Almost all of them are pigmented and quite soft. But I had trouble with Tiger's Eye. It's such a shame, too, because it is so beautiful. But really... it was literally a pain in the ass to even swatch, with a difficult texture that reminds me of MAC Veluxe Pearl eyeshadows.

Left to right: Buff, Tiger's Eye, Sandstone

Left to right: Bamboo, Baroque, Fresco
Left to right: Granite, Cocoa Brown, Ground Espresso cake eyeliner

The three Creme Veils in the set are Bronzer Veil, a creme neutral tan; Cheek Veil, a punchy creme peachy pink; and Glow veil, a frosty beige highlighter with a touch of peachy pink:

Left to right: Bronzer Veil, Cheek Veil, Glow Veil

I'm happy with my purchase (lol, even though of Laura Mercier saw me, she would probably tell me I look "vulgaire" ;). Everything in it is high quality; typical of Mercier's cosmetics. I already own Bamboo eye shadow, and the one in the palette is every bit as good as the single. I've used this in a rush on those mornings when you just don't have the time to do a whole complicated Face Of The Day, but you still want to look polished and pretty. The only thing I would warn people about, though, is that everything in the palette is on the warm side. If you're very cool-toned, try it at Sephora or a department store first if you can!

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