Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Too Faced Natural Face Natural Radiance Face Palette Review and Swatches

Do you love contouring and highlighting as much as I do? It's like real-life Photoshop. Ever since I was a preteen and saw Kevyn Aucoin contour his sister's face in his "Making Faces" book, I've been fascinated by it. I don't do a full-on contour and highlight everyday, since my face is quite bony to being with. I sweep a little bit of MAC Shadester under my cheekbones and then dab on a bit of highlighter over it, adding a bit under the arch of my brows. Too much heavy contouring makes me look like RuPaul at best and Skeletor at worst, but when done correctly, it's truly amazing for photos. Too Faced has released a new face palette that has everything you need to do different levels of contouring, whether you want a full-on supermodel look or just a bit of an extra glow. It's one-stop shopping for a contour lover: a powder bronzer, powder blush, creme blush, concealer, luminizer, and brightener. 

Here's the how-to card with instructions for doing three different styles of sculpted faces:

The palette is just beautiful! A dream come true, right?

Wrong. The bronzer is so light, it's a joke. I had to swatch it VERY heavily to get any sort of payoff. I don't see this working on anyone except fair-skinned ladies, and even then it has a strange sort of yellow tone to it (cool-toned lovelies will likely be pissed off, lol). The creme blush is a lovely fleshy neutral pink with a great creamy texture, but alas, it's just a bit too light for me. The powder blush is a frosty light peachy-pinky-coral shade with great pigmentation that I'm sure we've all seen many times before, but that's ok, because it flatters so many. The Luminizer is a frosty pinkish champagne, and the brightener is a yellowish cream tone. The Concealer is sort of a standard "light" skintone shade, and it's pinker than the Brightener. It looks even pinker when swatched on my arm. Here are the swatches:

L-R: Bronzer, Creme blush, Powder Blush. Top to bottom: Concealer, Luminizer, Brightener

Here's another shot of (L-R) the Concealer, Luminizer and Brightener. Just way too light for me:

Skintone Match Fail

Man.... I really wanted to love this! There's nothing in the world more convenient than palettes, but this was such a let down. I guess I can sum it up simply by saying this is yet another One-Shade-Fits-All kit. And for myself and anyone darker, that means it's a fail. If you have the skintone to pull this off, not only will look amazing on you, you'll have lots to play with for $39. I'm cranky because this is yet another time when darker skintones have been shafted by a makeup company. Come on, Too Faced! At least release "Light/ Medium" and "Medium/ Dark" versions to make a little more fair.

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