Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fresh-Squeezed Brights Spam :)

Just some pics of happy, juicy bright shades for summer.

Sally Hansen Kook-a-Mango. Yummy corally goodness- and just two coats:

Essie Meet Me At Sunset: Orangey-red creme. Finally! I have been looking for this shade of orangey red forever! Almost all reds turn cooler on my skin than in the bottle, and orangey red corals tend to go pinkish or reddish. Not here :) Again, two coats:

The previously posted Givenchy Acid Orange:

Chanel Mimosa. Yellow happiness (hehe...if it works for you better than it did me ;) Although this has grown on me. Or maybe I've just been really forceful about getting others to like it :p

Illamasqua Radium. This shade makes me want to drink Sprite...or a mojito. Released awhile ago and already shown by pretty much every blogger on the 'net, but here's my pic. This is two coats, and it looks really glowy on my skin indoors- a very slight glow-in-the-dark look. I'm not sure if it's the particular shade of lime or the shimmer, or both. Either way, it's cool :)

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