Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: Chanel Pêche Nacrée Nail Colour Spring 2011

 Pêche Nacrée is one of two nail polishes I purchased from Chanel's Spring 2011 collection (Black Pearl was unfortunately sold out). It's a soft, work appropriate peachy pink with a very soft pearl. The application was nice and smooth, and I only had to use two coats for full coverage:

I always love colors like this since they are feminine and work nicely with my skintone, but Pêche Nacrée left me underwhelmed. It looks quite "Tinkerbell" on my skin, and it seems entirely too dupeable to be worth the price of $23.

I have a couple of peachy/ pinks in my stash, and the two closest dupes that came to mind were Zoya Willow and OPI My Daddy's The King!. Willow is a much more orangey (true) peach with silver shimmer, while My Daddy's The King! is a bit paler (with less of a pink tone), but quite close (and prettier, if I do say so myself) on the nail. MAC Coconut Ice (d/c) from the MAC in Lillyland collection seemed to be a similar peachy pink, but it ended up being too bright and coral pink, and it lacked the pearliness in Pêche Nacrée. OPI Dancing the Isles is a peach pink, but it's deeper, way too Barbie, and has a ton of frost.

My Daddy's The King! is clearly closer to being a dupe than the Willow, and even though it is not one, I think it's a much better bet since Pêche Nacrée overall isn't all that special (and MDTK! actually looks more expensive). Sure, she's nice to look at, but in the end she just isn't worth it ;)

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