Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Nail Color + Care Review - Whisper

I may have found my PERFECT lavender nail color. I went to CVS yesterday to pick up a couple items, and saw Sally Hansen's newest display. Smooth & Perfect Color + Care is the latest offering from SH; eight soft shades are supposed to "let your nails breathe", allow 20% more oxygen to read nails, fill in ridges, and leave a porcelain-smooth finish. Hmm... we'll see about that :P I saw "Whisper", a gentle lavender (that's not too pink, not too blue, and not too chalky looking at all) with microshimmer, and knew I was taking it home.

These polishes all have the newer, larger brushed that Sally Hansen and most companies (such as Rimmel) prefer including in their bottles these days. I personally favor smaller, slimmer brushes, but I guess I'm in the minority :( . The shades are all soft and pale; perfect for springtime and sort of the stereotypical "bridal" shades. So here is Whisper. The microshimmer gives it a delicate pearl finish which is just so lovely and BEAUTIFUL:
Sadly, my infatuation with Whisper was short-lived. These shades are very sheer. Maybe not as sheer as essie's sheers, but still way too sheer for someone like me with terrible VNL. I used four coats (ha... SH says to use 2-3 coats) for this picture. On the upside, the S&P formula did dry to a "porcelain smooth" finish, without topcoat or nails being buffed beforehand. While it's a pain in the ass to have to apply so many coats, I love the end result so much that I'm willing to do it... and wait forever for it to dry!

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