Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sephora Prisma Chrome Eyeshadows Review - Emerald Facet and Burgundy Gem

Sephora has released some limited edition eyeshadows that are nothing short of awesome. Prisma Chroma Eyeshadow singles come in a dazzling array of shades which will please everyone from neutral lovers to color addicts. They're designed to bring together the best of baked, powder, and cream eyeshadows - all in one compact. After seeing all of them in person, I settled on Emerald Facet (golden teal) and Burgundy Gem (dark plum). Pics of these beauties:

All of the shades have a gorgeous luster to them and killer payoff. I swatched both shades with and without primer, and to be honest, primer really didn't make a difference. In fact, Emerald Facet seemed to lose much of its green hue when layered over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and morphed into a lighter, bluer teal. Burgundy Gem was less burgundy than in the pan when swatched and much more purple/ plum; somewhat similar in tone to the purple side of my old MAC Earthly Riches eyeshadow duo. Such a shame; I was dying for it to be a vampy burgundy:

L-R: Emerald Facet, Emerald Facet over primer, Burgundy Gem, Burgundy Gem over primer.

See how blue Emerald Facet became? Weird! I much prefer the color without primer. When I applied Emerald Facet onto my lids either way, it was bright. For me, it's simply too much outside of my comfort zone. I did an EOTD (well, actually an EOTN) with Burgundy Gem on the lid, a bit of MAC Legendary Black Pro Longwear eyeshadow in the outer corner, and MAC Blacktrack Fluidline on the upper lid. And here's the result:

I'm so mad about the smudge of purple on the inner corner. Lol.

Recently I dyed my hair a golden blonde, so I've switched my brow color to Anastasia's "Strawburn" brow pencil topped with her "Caramel" brow gel. Together, they're perfection :) While I love Burgundy Gem simply for being a purple, it's sort of a common shade... nothing much to write home about when you have as many purples as I do. BUT... it's still gorgeous and these are worth every cent of their $15 price tag. So sad they're limited edition, though. I hope Sephora makes them permanent.

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