Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Review - 6 Camel Croisiere

Sephora is bursting with some new items these days, and Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain is one of the standouts. It caught my eye when browsing the site last week and although I'm not usually a huge fan of Yves Saint Laurent's makeup (simply because I don't think the quality can truly ever justify the sky-high prices) and I normally hate lip stains (they're almost always either in the form of a "Benetint" type liquid or some sort of magic marker, and stain my lips and unnatural cherry popsicle pink-red), I really wanted to try it. I ordered 6 Camel Croisiere, which is an online-only exclusive. Boo! :( Not only did I want this shade, I thought it would be helpful to swatch and post pics of it online.

Camel Croisiere is a soft natural coral with barely perceptible gold microshimmer. No worrries, shimmer haters - it truly looks like a creme lipcolor rather than a shimmery one. Glossy Stain comes in a sleek rectangular tube with a gold cap and it has a wide, flat, doe foot applicator that hugs the lips and spreads color evenly.

The formula is fantastic and unlike anything I've ever tried before. When you apply it, it glides on and then it feels a bit tacky for a few seconds. It settles and gives you this natural, beautiful pout with a balmy feel and a subtle, juicy shine that looks as if you just licked your lips. You know how fashion models have that pretty "I-was-just-born-with-these-naturally-flushed-and-luscious-lips" look? Well, Glossy Stain gives you that! FINALLY... someone has come out with a truly wonderful lip stain in an array of non-popsicle shades, that doesn't shrivel your lips yet wears for hours. Hallelujah! $32 and totally worth it.

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